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    Community Supported Kitchen !

    We help people connect with a passion for Life, by offering pathways to sustenance & vitality through food. 

  • The CSK Subscription Menu :: How It Works

    The CSK subscription menu consists of prepared foods, pantry staples, & herbal medicines that are designed to add depth, zest, and serious nourishment to your day-to-day food world.


    Choose food items from the menu

    Choose items to subscribe to for three rounds of pick-ups, or just place a one-time order. We offer delicious, homemade nourishment, and strive to accommodate all diets.



    Offer a donation within the range of your sliding scale total. Our menu includes a 'No One Turned Away' section with sliding scales starting at $0. We also welcome bartering & other creative exchanges.


    Pick Up

    Pick up your food! If you subscribed to three rounds of pick-ups, you can get your items weekly, every other week, or upon request. Currently our only pick-up location is in Randolph, VT, though a Montpelier pick-up can be arranged if we have enough interested subscribers!

  • Offerings

    Grow a more vital life through food!

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    Subscription Menu

    Sliding-scale food & medicine items

    View the menu & start your subscription!

    The CSK subscription menu consists of prepared foods, pantry staples, & herbal medicines that are designed to add depth, zest, and serious nourishment to your day-to-day food world.

    See the graphic below about how it works!

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    Holistic Diet Consultations

    Sliding scale $0-199

    No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds for your first consult

    For You or Your Household

    Complete this form to begin!

    We offer wisdom, practices, & recipes to support you in up-leveling your diet in the realms of deliciousness, health, ethics, ancestral relevance, and affordability.


    We offer a holistic, body-&-life-as-ecosystem lens to diet & wellness -- seated firmly within the contemporary global context. We nourish existing drives to eat & live well - drives to do well for self & planet - rooted in healthy, living food systems.


    Meanwhile, we offer share-able, practical skill-sets for establishing healthy eating patterns inside any life - even ones that feel hectic or busy - while lifting up enjoyment. This service is available for both individuals and whole households.

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    Bulk Buying Clubs & Support with Food Sourcing

    Access better ingredients, more affordably!

    As lovers & sharers of food, we prioritize knowing where to get the highest quality & most thoughtfully-sourced ingredients at prices that both honor food producers and are accessible for us & our communities. Sourcing good food works better together! Let's go in on some orders together!


    Contact us at vermontCSK@gmail.com, or 732-306-8400, to learn more about available buying clubs and food-sourcing options.


    We also invite you to check out The Craft of Pantry-Stocking -- a resource we created with the basic success patterns of stocking an awesome pantry that serves your body, your budget, your values, and this living Earth.

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    Virtual Meditation & Check-In Circle

    A free weekly offering, alternating between Mondays & Thursdays, at 7pm

    Come when you can, as you are <3 

    We host a weekly silent meditation (about 50 minutes), followed by a one-round check-in circle, in which each person has an opportunity to share what's on their heart. The vibe is chill, familial, restoring, and nourishing. We meet in this zoom room. Acorn offers amateur American Sign Language interpretation for this event. 


    Contact us at vermontCSK@gmail.com, or 732-306-8400 to confirm the next event date and get connected to reminders.

  • Mission & Vision

    We help people connect with a passion for Life, by offering pathways to sustenance & vitality through food. (Before the pandemic --and hopefully again in the future!-- we also shared opportunities to *prepare*, and *enjoy* ethically-sourced, delicious food in growing community together.) Writ large, we plant the seeds of a more resilient world by sharing the knowledge, skills, and sustenance required to prepare amazing food anywhere, while investing in the local food webs that nourish deeply any place we call Home.


    We ground our goods & services in the gift economy. We envision a world where everyone eats well, and feels connected to Place & to their most vital Self -- while growing ever more passionate about transforming human legacies on this planet. We offer the CSK because it a joy for us to do so -- and because we carry a sense of knowing that this kind of healing is essential, and needed. Meanwhile, supporting righteous food-ways carries a cost (that we gladly pay to support local, vital nourishment) and so, we offer our goods & services on a sliding-scale donation basis. We also remain fueled by gratitude, and creative exchanges of all kinds!


    We share primarily foods of our own peoples & ancestries, to mitigate appropriative tendencies within food work arising from people who carry white privilege. Hence, you will primarily see here, foods of the Mediterranean, foods of Northern & Western Europe, and foods that bear no particular point of cultural origin besides our loving kitchen! We also take great care to source our ingredients as thoughtfully & ethically as possible.

    Our Story

    This Community Supported Kitchen is a program of the Cultural Engine (scroll all the way down for a description) which first took root in West Philadelphia in 2012. The West Philly CSK (located on ancestral Lenni-Lenape land, Chingsessing, Lenapehoking) flourished in place from 2012-2020, offering a subscription menu of prepared foods, as well as day-long cooking events, evening-workshops, food for community meetings & events, and so much more.


    CSK founder Frances Rose (fae/femm/faer) and co-coordinator Acorn (they/them) moved to N'Dakina* (aka Central Vermont) in mid-late-2020. The threads of our journeys here are many, and include our draw to be with beloved chosen family in this region, as well as to live more rural, and Earth-connected lives for ourselves, and for our baby, Salvia Hope (all pronouns).


    We are excited to be sharing food magic in this beautiful place, and to grow ever more rooted and interconnected as we do so. We humbly give thanks to our many forebears (from this region & beyond) in the realms of local food movements, bulk buying clubs, food co-operatives, food shelves, and all others on whose shoulders we stand.


    *We honor & acknowledge the Abenaki peoples as the original & ongoing stewards of this land we now inhabit. 10% of all funds donated to the CSK are tithed to Abenaki groups. <3






    732-306-8400 (text or call) 


  • Who We Are

    Magical beings on a quest to serve Life & share nourishment

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    Frances Rose


    Frances Rose founded the CSK in 2012 in Southwest Philadelphia (Lenapehoking), designing it to be an inclusive & accessible platform through which to share vocational-skills & wellness-training around a primary love-language --> Food!! It has functioned ever since as a sacred vessel that invites practices of loving, healing, & growing to be nourished in place. Fae identify as a cultural worker, a community hearth-keeper, queer & trans -- and bring both magical & ecological frames to regenerative food system design. Faer ancestors hail from the many regions & connected lands in & around the Mediterranean Sea. A punk, artist, witch, and faerie, with lots of old-fashioned sensibilities, fae live to move earth for Life. <3 .

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    Acorn became a co-coordinator of the CSK in 2015, and has been eating magnificently ever since! They bring a fierce administrative skill set and a passion for making foods that meet a wide variety of dietary needs. Acorn’s work with the CSK has supported them in growing a deep love for sourdough bread baking, and in stirring cultural work into every dish & pot. They love to share their panache for hosting and joy for co-creating rituals of delicious food-sharing. Ancestral lineages from Northwestern Europe (Britain, Scotland, Norway, France, and Germany) ground their cooking in a place of rich & simple goodness. Acorn identifies as magical, queer, trans, and as a lover of breakfast.

  • CSK Goals & Intentions

    ● We connect people with a passion for Life through delicious, ethically-sourced food experiences.


    ● We work in the realms of food & culture toward the liberation of all beings.


    ● We uplift the inherent sacredness of food, of eating together, and the living web of connected cultural food-ways the world over.


    ● We ground our work in a gift economy, and source ingredients as ethically as possible.


    ● We bridge & (re)weave food-based wisdom-traditions, by helping to promote & share vital, contemporary food-ways. In doing so, we hope to illuminate & fuel collective paths forward, through the compounding crises of eco-social collapse & late-stage capitalism


    ● We share common forms of connection through food, to address the trauma & pain of separation so commonly felt in the modern world.


    ● We help many people to experience tastes of Home -- wherever it is, or was -- and even if it felt like it never was.


    ● We encourage & hold space for conversations about the connections between food, identity, justice, and resilience.


    ● We illuminate pathways for anyone to connect with personally- and/or ancestrally-significant food-ways in manners that are mindful of the nuances of ethical sourcing practices in current local & global contexts.


    ● We help folks to remove perceived obstacles around their diets, and to grow the vitality of their personal food-ways, offering wisdom & knowledge rooted in our own diverse home food practices.


    ● We support people in connecting to foods that are nourishing, safe, healthful, & digestible for their bodies, endeavoring to cook for any dietary need/choice/allergy.


    ● We leverage privilege to collective advantage.


    ● We make our offerings financially accessible and cultivate regenerative economies.

  • What is a Cultural Engine?


    Cultural Engines endeavor to grow healthy communities & ecosystems that are able to meet the needs of all Life, and are thus positioned to peacefully supplant our dying Modern World (a fading system that steals & transports, with great effort, all it needs to survive).

    Cultural Engines are groups of people who work together to grow their individual and their community's capacity to empower themselves in all areas of Life. They strive to grow both hubs of living industry (in the form of Homes, sanctuary places, & more), as well as the connections that join these hubs into a powerful network. Through the Engine, we intend to:


    • Cultivate visionary local leadership.


    • Create pathways to access the unique & essential gifts in everyone.


    • Drive a wider, cultural, paradigm-shift towards regeneration -- the property by which Life makes more & more kinds of itself possible.
  • Thank You! <3

    Blessings on all of our Tables!